Securities Violations

Orange County Securities Fraud Attorney

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Both the state and the federal authorities prosecute securities cases. Some involve relatively small violations, and some involve hundreds of millions of dollars. Securities law is complex and requires a great working knowledge of the various state "Blue Sky" laws, as well as the Federal Securities Acts. Securities violations can lead to huge fines, and many years in prison. This Orange County securities defense lawyer gained a lot of experience handling securities prosecutions while a Riverside prosecutor. He knows are the prosecutions are put together, and how best to defend against them.

If a securities case must go to a jury trial, it is imperative that your trial lawyer know how to explain the complexity of securities defense to a jury in a way they can understand. Otherwise, you won't be acquitted. Securities cases often involve grand jury proceedings, so your securities defense lawyer must know how to analyze a long grand jury transcript for errors that can lead to your case being dismissed without a trial.

If you have been charged, indicted or are under investigation for some securities violation, contact the Orange County criminal defense attorney and consult with him about your best defense. Consultation is free.