Motions: The Best Way to Stop the Prosecution in it's Tracks!

Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Is Experienced in Motions!

Motions are a vital part of effective criminal defense. Motions are written legal arguments designed to accomplish certain results. Some motions are designed to convince the court to throw out certain damaging evidence. Others seek to get cases dismissed because there was not a speedy trial.

There are dozens of different motions, all designed to attack the prosecution's case and lead to a defense victory. Well-written motions can lead to entire cases being dismissed, even very serious cases. The attorney representing you must be a very good writer and legal researcher, because motions are almost always necessary during the defense of a case. Always ask your lawyer during an initial consultation if there appear to be any potential motions that can be filed. A good lawyer will answer that question and explain possible motions which may be good in your defense.

Finally, motions in limine are very important as a jury trial is beginning. These motions determine what evidence a jury will hear and will not be able to hear. In limine motions are essential to presenting a clean, effective defense to the jury deciding the outcome of the case. The way out of your legal problem can lie in a well-prepared, well-argued motion. This highly successful Laguna Hills and Irvine criminal defense attorney will make sure any potential motions are filed and fought hard.

A great criminal defense lawyer must be able to do all parts of the case well. This includes negotiation, bail issues, motions-writing and arguing, jury appeal, trial skills and a strong desire to win for you! Call our Orange County criminal defense lawyer today. Your consultation is free.