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A weapons charge is a serious offense in California. A deadly weapon can be more than a firearm or gun. In the California penal code, a deadly weapon is defined as an object, instrument, or weapon that is capable of producing and likely to produce death or great bodily injury. Based on this definition, a weapon can be a gun, firearm, knife, rock, broken glass, sharp pencil, or even a vehicle, if rammed into another vehicle holding passengers.

Our law firm represents clients charged with firearm charges or weapons charges in Orange County, including Irvine and Laguna Hills. If you have been charged with a weapons offense, contact the Irvine weapon charges defense attorney at the Law Offices of Mark Raymond McDonald as soon as possible. Once he consults with you, he will be able to determine the appropriate legal action that needs to be taken to resolve your case. He is a sole practitioner who offers personalized service and has proven results in the field of criminal law.

Weapon Charges

The firm represents clients facing all types of weapon charges, including possessing a gun, whether concealed or loaded, without a permit, possessing a firearm without a permit, possessing an assault weapon, possessing a weapon, brandishing a firearm, discharging a firearm, unlawfully selling a firearm, or using a gun in committing a crime, such as robbery or assault.

Weapons charges can be brought as a misdemeanor or felony. Possession of a firearm in a vehicle or on your person is usually filed as a misdemeanor or reduced to one with good legal representation. The penalties for a firearm/weapon charge depend on what type of weapon was involved, what was being done with the weapon, whether it was loaded or concealed, and the criminal record of the person being accused. If the firearm is properly secured in a vehicle, your case can be dismissed.

The California Penal Code defines a certain class of weapons known as "assault weapons." The list of what qualifies as an assault weapon changes frequently. A weapon you legitimately purchased from a gun seller a few years ago can later be put on the list of illegal assault weapons. It is important to keep good records of any firearm purchase you make, because when and where you purchased the weapon can result in a case against you being dismissed.

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