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Have you or someone you know been charged with drug possession in Orange County? If so, you are probably worried about what will happen to you and the consequences you may be facing. It is important in any criminal charges that you find capable legal representation. It is strongly urged that you contact the Orange County drug possession attorney at the Law Offices of Mark Raymond McDonald for a complimentary consultation about your case as soon as possible. Mr. McDonald has a long and successful track record of handling the defense of countless individuals charged with drug possession in and around the area. He has been in practice since 1990 and is highly knowledgeable and skilled as a criminal defense lawyer, earning the respect of his peers and judges for his competence and dedication to his clients.

Drug Possession Charges and Consequences

If this is your first offense involving drug possession and no violence accompanied your offense, you may be eligible for alternative sentencing as opposed to jail time. Alternative sentencing may be composed of diversion programs, special drug court, or sentencing under Proposition 36. Diversion programs involve getting random drug testing for a prescribed time period during which, if you test clean, your case will be dismissed. Drug court will use rehabilitative processes to help those who are addicted; when all the steps of the rehabilitation are successfully completed, your case will be dismissed. Under Proposition 36, you will be placed on probation and sent to a drug rehab facility.

California law makes a big distinction between simple possession of drugs for your personal use as opposed to possession of drugs to sell, distribute, or transport. Simple possession is a much less serious charge and, with the help of your Orange County drug possession lawyer, often may result in alternative sentencing as opposed to prison time.

Consult with the Irvine drug possession attorney at the firm about the specifics of your case to find out how he can create an effective defense that will help you avoid a conviction and / or imprisonment.

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