Case Results

Case Results

People v Chea


Med student fell asleep at the wheel and collided with a car in the intersection. A three-year old child was ejected and killed upon impact with the pavement. District Attorney filed gorss vehicular manslaughter charges against Mr. Chea and wanted to send him to prison for 6 years. We proceeded to trial with the defenses of "accident" and "unconsciousness" and the jury returned an acquittal in an hour. A horrible tradegy, but nevertheless an accident.

People vs. Langford (2015)


Assault with a deadly weapon on a correctional officer. Inmate accused of strking a correctional officer with a baton that the inmate had taken from the officer during a struggle. The case went to trial before a jury with the defense theory that the officer, unprovoked, had been clubbing the inmate who was already lying prone on the ground. the attack on the the inmate began when the inmate complained of a muscle spasm and sat down on the ground to recover. The inmate, afraid he would be killed, wrestled the baton from the officer and swung it at him, causing the officer to back away. The jury deadlocked 11-1 in favor of acquittal and the district attorney opted not to retry to case.

People vs. Konich (2015)


Ms. Konich was charged with inflicting great bodily injury on a child, resulting in death. She faced life in prison. We hired a renound neuro pathologist who after examinating slides from the infant's brain samples, concluded that the death was not the result of intentional trauma. Rather, the cause of death was a blot clot originating from atypical circulatory paths in the brain, ocurring naturally in the child. The state's pathologist agreed with the defense, and upon further review, the district attorney dismissed the case.

People vs. Bowman (2015)


Client charged with first degree murder with special circumstances of lying in wait, exposing her to life without parole. She was able to show at trial that she had killed her husband in response to decades of domestic, physical abuse, and death threats. Following a 4 week trial, the jury found the client guilty of manslaughter. Amazingly, we got her probation and released from custody.

People vs. Orosco (2015)


Attempt murder with a firearm causing great bodily injury. Jury returned verdict NOT GUILTY.

People vs. Castaneda (2015)


Gross Vehicular Manslaughter involving the death of a child. Child was hit and killed whole walking on a sidewalk. Before a jury, we presented evidence that sudden front tire blew out made the collision unavoidable. NOT GUILTY.

People vs. Brewster (2015)


Client was cultivating 700 plants in a very sophisticated hydroponic grow. He was supplying 9 marijuana dispensaries, until police raided and literally destroyed his entire operation. Client was charged with cultivation and possession for sale. He presented a medical marijuana, collective defense, and had maintained sufficient paperwork that the jury decided his whole operation was legal. NOT GUILTY. Update: Client sued the county and arresting agency for the destruction of his property and recovered $191,000 in losses.

People vs. Berrerellez (2015)


Client was charged as one of nine defendants in large cocaine trafficking operation, where wiretaps and numerous informants were utilized. We filed a motion to suppress the search warrant for my client’s home and car. The motion was granted and the evidence was not able to be presented at trial. DA dismissed the case.

People vs. Bobowiz (2015)


Client was charged with felony child abduction during a custody dispute. We were able to convince the DA that out client did in fact have legal rights to custody at the time he was arrested and charged. DA dismissed the case.

People vs. Addae B. (2014)


The defendant was charged with one felony count of violation of Health and Safety code section 11359, Possession for Marijuana for Sale, and one count of violation of Health and Safety code violation of 11360(a) Selling and furnishing hashish marijuana. The case involved an uncover officer who presented himself as a medical marijuana patient. The district attorney made assertions that the defendant violated Proposition 215 thereby filing the two felony count complaint. Attorney McDonald fought the district attorney tooth and nail on every issue. He was able to pin-point several mistakes made by the officers. Mr. McDonald diligently went to each and every court appearance ultimately getting the defendant’s case dismissed in it entirety!

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There are hundreds and hundreds of cases with results that represent victories as stated above. It is not uncommon for Mr. McDonald, and his staff to receive letters of thanks from his clients.